Dear Students,

Institute of Nursing Education is an avant garde institution where standards of workmanship, dedication and excellence are observed and governed by Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib (C ) Hospital Society. The motto of the institute is to provide worthy education that guarantees hundred percent placement in this age of acute unemployment, and also, enables the students to develop cognitive as well as empathetic abilities. 

From Bhai Ghaniya to Florence Nightingale and from Bhagat Puran Singh to Mother Teresa, service to humanity has always been a pathway to spiritual elevation and ethical existence. In this world, where success is directly proportional to materialistic earnings, nursing provides an opportunity to be worldly and spiritually affluent. The study and practice of nursing inculcates in the students the aptitude to think critically and work effortlessly for dispensing quality health care.

We, at Institute of Nursing Education recognize the importance of providing a supportive and stimulative learning environment using innovative teaching and learning strategies. With the help of a goal oriented governing body and a focused faculty, we hope that our students will continue to set and achieve impressive levels of success. I, on behalf of the institute, welcome you all and extend a reassurance that your stay in the institute will prepare you to sustain and grow in the world outside.


Wishing you all the success,


Dr. Amarjeet Singh Dua